General Of Lending


  • The information supplied by him/her in the form hereof is true and correct
  • Prior to submitting the application, he/she had been shown a schedule setting out the full financial details of all amounts that will become payable if his/her applications are approved.
  • The essential terms of the financial transaction have been explained to him/her and that he/ she understands them.
  • For check off loans , he/she understands that an agreement between Kwick Credit Ltd and his/her employer in terms whereof his/her salary is paid into a specified account or in terms whereof instalments can be deducted by means of a salary stop order in prerequisite to the granting of a loan.
  • I consent to Kwick Credit sharing my details with an Insurance Provider for the purposes of taking out death and disability insurance
  • In the event of my account going into default, I consent to Kwick Credit sharing my personal, transaction and default details with credit reference bureaus for listing. I acknowledge that other financial institutions may use this info to assess other applications and for other debt tracing and fraud prevention purposes.

Application and Approval

By completion of this document the borrower applies for a loan. Before approval of the loan, which approval will be affected at the sole discretion of the lender, this document will remain an application only. Upon disbursement of the loan, which payment will confirm the approval of the application, this document will become a binding agreement between the borrower and Kwick Credit Ltd.

Payment of The Loan Amount to The Borrower

Upon approval of the application, the loan amount shall be transferred to the borrower via RTGS/MPESA/TT/Cheque, Transfer or any other means mutually agreed.

Interest Rate


Default and Acceleration



Recovery Costs